About Disney Travel®

Explore the magic of Disney Destinations® around the world. Vacation with Val creates unique travel packages for couples, families, and friends to travel with Disney Travel Company®. There is so much to explore in the World of Disney®. Our travel services coordinate travel packages to possibly include transportation, hotel or cruise accommodations, tickets, tours, special events, and more. Drawing from our personal travel experiences, we provide recommendations for destinations, accommodations, advice, and travel options to travelers who choose to book their trips with us. Learn more about Disney Destinations and our travel booking services below.


Disney Travel Packages

Each vacation package could include a variety of amenities based on the travelers' preferences and the destination. These options could include: 

  • Air tickets 

  • Transfers 

  • Accommodations

  • Rental car 

  • Private Activities 

  • Tickets & Tours

  • Travel Insurance

During our vacation planning process, you can trust Vacation with Val's expert advice to plan every detail needed to have the perfect vacation!